Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Battle of Sefton Park.

Swan wings draw rainbows in the lake

We choose a colour and paint our faces

Battle lines drawn in public parks

In the wide open and council tax places.

Squirrels collect all the empty shells

Then ants march off to fill with munitions

Pigeons swoop like Spitfires ready to bomb

We’re the target for the doves of Dresden.

We take cover in the smoking bandstand

They won’t share their fags, and call us losers

The weather vein’s arrow swings and points at me

It says W-E, but I don’t feel included.

We have swords of twigs on the pirate ship

Until a protest of ducks calls us to Pan

And outside that palace of palms and glass

We surrendered arms to the Valentine ghost and ran.
Then the stars looked dim, like energy saving bulbs

As we lay milk bottle daisies on statue steps

We’ll live to fight another day I guess

If mum will let us out to play tomorrow.

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