Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Golden Sparks and Writing Larks.

I had the great fortune of selling a flash fiction piece to those good and patient people over at EDF at the start of this year. Every Day Fiction promises to post a new story every day into your email in-box to give your morning, or lunch break, an extra bit of much needed magic.

So if it's raining outside or your desk is full or unfinished reports just subscribe to EDF and have the internet carrier pigeon drop a little surprise. Oh wait that sounds like a bad thing.

Forget my ramblings and take a peek over there and see if you like it. It's a free and friendly service brought to you by some very creative and helpful people.

My story was the first to be published on 1st January 2010 so I read it with a fuzzy head and bleary eyes. Here's your chance to read it sober. Though you may need a drink after you finish!

Here's my story at EDF if you have four or five minutes to spare.

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