Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dr Ramsey's Mystery Has Been Solved. Find The Answers At 6S.

I have a story included in a  newly released anthology of flash fiction from 6S (Six Sentences). The collection is edited by Thomas Knox and is made possible by the man behind the wheel at 6S, Rob McEvily.

There are some fantastic pieces in this book, in fact I haven't read one I didn't find something thought provoking, funny or downright dark inside the story. Stand out pieces, beside my own obviously, are by Gita Smith, Jared Culpepper, Lily Childs and Sal Buttaci. Other stories which I enjoyed immensley and are top reads from this collection are those by Teresa Cortez, A J Humpage and the winning story by Rachel Green. A special mention also has to go to the eeireely real and historically touching piece by Ellie Garratt.

All in all there 85 pieces of flash fiction in there all written in the frame of six sentences. How most of these brilliant writers pack so much characterisation and theme into this is astonishing at times

So thanks to Rob and Thomas and all the writers that contributed to this anthology and let's hope it reaches as many readers as possible who will no doubt enjoy it immensely.

Oh yeah the first page you should turn to is p.100. Well that is where my tale of the mysterious doctor is waiting for you to read. Okay it's a blatant plug but I've got to promote myself somehow haven't I?

The book can be bought from where there are some lovely reviews, including one that mentions my story. Or here at the Create Space site.

More information about the authors appears in this YouTube video.  

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