Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Tale A Day Keeps The Boredom Away.

Well I’m very happy to announce that two pieces of my flash fiction are to be included in an anthology from the American publishing house Pill Hill Press this coming December. The book is called ‘2011 Daily Flash: 365 Days of Flash Fiction.’ I feel privileged to be keeping company with of some of my favourite flash fiction writers of the moment in this collection. Lee Hughes adds his dark wit to the pages that also include the talents of Chris Bartholomew, Stephen Hill, D. Nathan Hilliard, Iain Pattison and Ellie Garratt.

One of my pieces is also to be  featured on the cover art work along with some of the other gripping stories.

This anthology is a great idea for those who want a quick bite of fiction or need to grab a few pieces on their commute to kill the boredom of the same passing scenery every day. There is a flash piece for every day of 2011, though I doubt many readers will be able to hold out that long and will quickly devour many stories in each sitting.

The first of my two stories is called ‘That Sinking Feeling,’ a noir tale with a direct line of influence from my hero Rod Serling. The other is a tongue in cheek fantasy piece entitled ‘The Adventures of My Pencil Sister.’ Yes it is as mad as the title suggests.

This anthology would make an ideal Xmas present or a personal gift to yourself to pass away those moments stuck in waiting rooms or during trains journeys. There is such a wide variety of styles, genres and themes from a diverse group of writers that I’m sure it will continue to surprise and entertain the reader.

So make sure you check out and this coming winter to find a book that will keep you warm and add a little light to those dark mornings.

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