Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fireflies in the Storm.

Auttie came for dinner, brought a bottle and her smile
We got a little drunk and made love for a while
Auttie worked for a baker, making celebration cakes
She was always covered in flour, put on a little weight

Auttie left her pyjamas, a toothbrush and some cream
So I gave her a drawer, before she asked me for a key
But Auttie had some boxes, brought them in the baker’s van
She smelled of sweet vanilla so I lent her a hand.

Auttie showed me a photo, grainy black and white
Couldn’t make out the face ‘til I saw the start of life
Auttie cleared the spare room and rolled on in a crib
Painted rabbits on the walls where my records used to live

The seasons passed so quickly and then Summer came along
Our lyrical daughter after Auttie’s favourite song
The hissing lawns soon dried up and we tripped into the fall
Pram wheels crushing brown leaves and hand prints on the wall.
We thought we had it all,
But there were fireflies in the storm.

Auttie had a lump and said not to worry much
She was back in the kitchen, didn’t want to make a fuss
Auttie was covered in flour and lost a lot of weight.
We helped blow out the candles on her final birthday cake.

Now Summer comes for dinner with a bottle and her smile
We play with little Autumn and we laugh for a while
Then I take her to the nursery with the rabbits on the wall
She asks about grandma Auttie as we walk on down the hall

Auttie’s covered in flowers as we leave the cemetery gate
And Autumn carries candles from that celebration cake
We load a lifetime of belongings into the bakers van
And I smell the sweet vanilla as I take her by the hand
And we almost have it all,

Because those sparks in Autumn's eyes
Are also fireflies,
That beat away the storm
And keep Auttie's love alive.

Paws: The Revenge.