Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Quick Update-Writing.

I’ve written a short story for consideration at Spook City ( http://spookcity.blogspot.com ) entitled ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’. Hopefully they like it enough to use it.

I’m hoping to hear from Liquid Imagination about my flash piece, ‘A Dangerous Body of Water’ soon as I would really love to have some work featured in their magazine. It’s a very tough one to get into though.

I’ve written something pretty spooky to send to the  ‘+The Horror Library 5+’ anthology at Cutting Block Press, but it needs a good edit this week as they are a real tough crowd to please over there. When a publisher has such high standards I have to step it up again. Though to be fair I hope I do that with all submitted work to every publisher and competition.

There’s also a flash piece of mine entitled, ‘The Cutter’ up at Lily Childs Feardom for her Lily’s Friday Prediction competition.

Lily Childs Feardom, Friday Prediction.

Anthology pieces published and available.

An Apple For Teacher’ is still available in the Pill Hill Press anthology ‘ Something Dark in the Doorway’

'The Adventures of My Pencil Sister’ and ‘That Sinking Feeling’ are two flash pieces I have included in the Pill Hill Press anthology- ‘Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction.’

The Beautiful Noise’ is available in ‘Ghosts and Demons’ also available from Pill Hill Press.

And last but not least by a very long shot is my entry in the Six Sentences 'Dr. Ramsey' flash anthology.

Dr Ramsey

Lot’s more to come but it’s been so busy with life, kids and writing that I have missed updating for a while. I will be submitting a flash piece exclusively for this blog sometime this week too so look out for that.

Thanks and take care,


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