Monday, 6 December 2010

The Cutter

This is a 100 word flash fiction piece that was part of the Friday Prediction competition at Lily Childs Feardom. The prompt words were, Lime, Peacock and Skinny.

The Cutter

He swaggered into the club wearing his peacock suit and bastard expression. He was The Cutter, Mr Razor to you and me. He grabbed a girl from the dance floor and dragged her to his table. She had no say. 

He ordered a Coke for him and vodka for her. ‘Top it up with lime,’ he ordered. ‘Let her know how her grave will taste tonight.’

He liked them skinny. Easier to fuck and easier to break. She smiled up at the waitress as he drank.

It’s also easy to poison somebody when arrogance makes them believe they’re untouchable.

Originally published

Visit the site and have a try yourself. The competition runs every Friday and is open to all. Remember to bring along your dark thoughts and creepy scribblings.

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