Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Winter Tales


  1. whoo, I can see why you felt crawly after that, Tony! What a story ... one to creep out anyone, let alone an arachnophobic person!

  2. Tony - absolutely extraordinary. I am completely creeped out. What a fantastic delivery; chilling - full of horror - but with a frozen sense of hope.
    Loved it.

    Incidentally as I read the final words Bowie suddenly sang Spiders from Mars on TV.

  3. Antonia and Lily I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it and yes I was itchy for the rest of the day. Really kind comments.

    Lily that is too strange. I usually take my titles from songs too. I just happened to find that title scribbled in a my notebook though.

    The thing is I actually wrote it while listening to the Aladdin Sane album.

  4. The intelligence of spiders should make for fertile ground to explore in your writing. I've heard of tarantulas kept in fish tanks with colored gravel who, over time, sorted the gravel into separate piles according to color. Creeeepy.

  5. Vincent that sounds fascinating and but also very creepy. As a fully signed up arachnophobe those kind of tales chill me to the bone. At the same time I can see there's such a deep mine of fiction in their to dig into.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving the comment.



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