Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Ice Spiders Cometh

With the big freeze surprising the UK like morning follows night is a surprise, I thought it was time we looked at the beauty and opportunity winter can bring. I struggled along the school run, up all night nursing one child with a cold and the other falling hard on the ice like Ann Widdecombe from her dignity, I decided to take a moment to rest.

To my surprise I found a glorious sight of nature in this otherwise miserable weather. Along the railings and walls of the church by the school were patterns of ice so intricate and beautiful it broke icicles from my downturned mouth as it remembered how to smile again.

As a fully signed up arachnophobe marvelling at these ice sculptures created by spiders may seem odd to those who know me. But there was a rare elegance to them. I’ve posted some images I captured on my phone with a shaking hand caused by the arctic temperatures and fear the architects may crawl over the fence at any moment demanding payment for the exhibition.

This thought instantly pricked the grotesque sensors in my imagination and I quickly scribbled an idea about 'The Ice Spiders Cometh'. I’ll start working it this week, if I can force myself to write about the horrid beasts that is, and post the story on the site.


Until then please enjoy the photographs that inspired the tale to come.


  1. great photos and it seems even more great inspiration came out of the school run. Can't be bad.

  2. I know what a bonus. It did look beautiful and I have stated a story already,though it is making me feel all itchy.


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