Saturday, 11 December 2010

Old School Cries

I suspected horrible pranks waiting for me. But the old school seemed less intimidating now. No more lessons in suffering for this outsider.

It was the first time I’d ever been invited to a reunion. All I could think of was buckets of pig’s blood and Travolta’s sloppy grin.

An apology they told me. They wanted to make amends for all their bullying. So I suggested a toast. Everybody raised their glasses and gulped. Nobody noticed the punch was effervescent with the poison. 

Such beautiful yearbook photographs I’ll send to their families. 

Much better than the ones from the coroner.

This was my entry for last weeks Lily Childs Friday Prediction. 100 max  using the words Outsider, Effervescent and Invitation. The content seems to be stronger each week with such great writers of micro/flash fiction over there. If you fancy having a go it's open to all and this weeks competition is running now.


  1. : ) I like the way you think, Tony.

  2. Cheers mate. Yeah I guess my brain is a little skewed, makes writing interesting though.


Paws: The Revenge.