Friday, 30 December 2011

A Toast and a Vote.

Hi everybody. A toast to wish you all a very Happy New Years and hope 2012 brings peace, joy, love and success to you all.

A few quick nuggets to share before then end of the year. My story of grotesque, ‘Apron Strings’ won the final Friday Prediction at Lily Childs Feardom. I want to say thank you to Lily herself, not only for the win but for all the great support she lends to me. She’s such a fantastic writer and editor I feel privileged to call her a friend.

The story can be found here-Apron Strings

Another brilliant piece of news is that my story, ‘The Endless Game’, which you may remember won the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 22 also on The Feardom, has been nominated for the Best Horror Short Story published 2011.

If you have a spare couple of minutes and would like to vote please click this link- Preditors and Editors Poll Scroll down until you see The Endless Game by Anthony Cowin. Once you’ve submitted be sure to click the link sent to your email inbox as the vote won’t register unless this final action is taken.
I hope you all have a great end of year and the next brings everything you hope for.

All the best, Tony.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Running With the Gods.

I had the good fortune to claim a runner up spot on Writing Magazine's Talkback site with my flash fiction piece, 'Whisper of the Gods.' It's my attempt at an allegory about the epiphany of self awareness when we realise we are the true masters of our actions and lives. It's the awakening of the sleeping giant that fights against unwarranted persecution only to realise he can all break the shackles and face his captors. Something we all need to do at times even if those captors are ourselves.
It's a theme I keep finding myself revisiting. Maybe that's all horror is- a wish to break from a slumber we know will terrify and test us.

Whisper of the Gods

It was a dot at first. Then it grew to the size of an unfurling fist. I thought of spiders. Do they grow at such speed, move in such a lethargic manner? No, it was a shadow that crawled along my cell wall.

I tried calling out but I had no mouth. Not since they had stitched it up. I looked at the straps that pinned me down. I rolled my eyes. My vision rested on the shadow, now the size of a football.

Soon it filled the wall next to my bunk. I struggled in the leather straps, the sweat easing them a little. It slid down the crumbling plaster, crawled across my body and sank into my skin. It was inside me.

The shadow stank of rotting flesh, made me puke inside my mouth. No escape from missing lips, I swallowed. My organs seared, my skin tightened and my muscles bulged. The shadow overtook me, empowered me. I snapped off the straps and roared. The screams ripped apart my mouth releasing my voice through strips of raw flesh. They had beaten me, silenced my voice. Now I roared until footsteps echoed down the hallways toward my cell. This time I'm ready. They can't harm me. This time, I am free.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

To Catch a Spider.

The milk bottle fell in slow motion. She flung out her tiny hands but it was too late. She lost control. It poured like a stream of innocence across the kitchen table and Kitty knew she was in trouble. That was the last time her daddy hit her, always on the body where nobody could see. Sitting in the dark cupboard among the spiders she realised love is like a fire escape. It rusts out of sight and out of mind, but carries you to safety in emergencies.

Next morning in school the teacher called for the principal who called for the police. And like the little old woman who swallowed a fly, prison and showers swallowed Daddy. He sat on the bunk shaking with fear. Some prisoners scratch away the days, the weeks and years to release on their cell walls. Kitty’s dad scratched away the hours to the blade. He’d feel it one way or another. Either from behind when he least expected it, or from his own hand when it all got too much.

Kitty sympathised with the parcel in the children's party game. Home to home, family to family she was ripped apart, turned and passed around. One day the music stopped for good and the parcel found a safe pair of hands.

Nobody ever asked if the six year old had cut her own face, marked it for life. Nobody would ever think such a thing possible. They assumed her father had been careless. Most only mark the body, places where clothes hide the abuse.

Love is like a fire escape, she though after her new mum tucked her in. On the way down it’s scary but on the way up it feels like going home.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

100 Horrors. Publication News.


I've recently sold a very short story to Cruentus Libri Press for their unique anthology titled '100 Horrors'. The innovative aspect of this book is providing 100 stories of 100 words by 100 horror authors. I think it's inspired to sell a collection of flash fiction  in this busy fast forward world we live in. There will be so many stories that can be dipped into when the reader only has a moment or two to spare during their day. 

My story, 'Hush Little Baby', a tale of demons lurking in the nursery walls has been selected for publication in this anthology.

So if you like your shocks short and your anxieties abundant then why not treat yourself to a copy when it’s released. It’s sure to have something for all types of horror aficionados. They are also looking for a few more stories from other writers, so if you have a tight 100 word terror in mind why not send it along.

Submission guidelines and all other information is here-

They promise this will be the first of many themed anthologies to come so it looks like exciting times at Cruentus Libri Press. Until then I hope to meet you in the darkness.



Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'The Endless Game' Horror Short Story Competition Winner.

I'm extremely happy to report that one of my dark tales,‘The Endless Game’ has been selected as winner of a short story competition hosted by Lily Childs at her wonderful site The Feardom. The theme was ‘Damnation’, an idea which sparked dark images inside my mind that eventually led me into the murky world of Jago and the creatures who come calling for his soul.

It’s a story or penance set in a disused Victorian water reservoir in the middle a Liverpool suburb. I used the real life setting because it’s a building that has always fascinated and scared me since I was a small child. So it seemed the ideal location to place my felonious character Jago and the monsters that crawl through the dirty waters seeking retribution.

The prize for winning the competition was a wonderful pre-release copy of TheMammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume 22, edited by Stephen Jones and signed by the editor as well as many of the prestigious authors who contributed. The anthology features tales from some of the best writing talent out there such as, Michael Marshall Smith, Brian Hodge, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Mark Morris, Christopher Fowler, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Jones and Kim Newman. It doesn't get much better for a passionate horror reader and writer. 

So I’d just like to extend my gratitude to Lily Childs for selecting my story to take the top prize. I know through her own writing with books such as her Magenta Shaman series and her editing of the horror segment of ‘Thrillers,Killers 'n' Chillers’ she’s a rare talent to impress. I’d also like to say a big thank you for the wonderful signed copy of the book which I’m devouring each night before the nightmares call.

The runners up in the competition were-

Dorothy Davies with her story- 'Victims of War.'

Chris Allinotte with his story- 'Tempting Morsels.'

Asqui with her story- 'Born This Way.'

Click here to read 'The Endless Game', the winning story in the Mammoth Book of best New Horror Competition.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Pig Tales.

I'm excited to report that my #fridayflash entry 'Because You're Worthlesshas taken first place at Lily Childs Feardom. I've been runner up a couple of times and felt extremely privileged then, so you can imagine my excitement at taking the top spot now.

This news carries such prestige for me personally because of the reputation the competition has and the brilliant array of talent that participate. Not to mention that it’s judged by the highly regarded horror writer Lily Childs. So I’d like to say thank you to Lily and to all the writers of dark fiction who contribute every week.

I’d also like to offer congratulations to Laurita Miller for taking the runner up spot with her unnerving Poesque tale ‘Cask’.

Pig Man © Ross Robinson   Pig Man Image by the brilliant artist Ross Robinson. For sales, information and merchandise please click here- 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Twisted Tales and Occult Horror

I’m hoping to pop along to the next Twisted Tales event at the end of October at Halton Lea Library, Runcorn. It’s called ‘An Evening of Occult Horror’. With a theme and title like that it falls just in time to stoke those Halloween fires that burn like embers inside my belly throughout the year. This free event will feature readings by Liverpool’s own master of horror Ramsey Campbell, as well as Adam Nevill, bestselling author of ‘The Ritual’ and the chilling 'Apartment 16'. The other guest speaker will be the prolific graphic novelist John Reppion.

The evening is also a celebration of the first anniversary Twisted Tales excellent endeavour of promoting the best of 21st century horror. There will also be a discussion on occult in horror fiction that should cover any questions people have on the genre.

It’s a great opportunity for writers of dark fiction to gain a greater understanding of their chosen field from some of the best working within it. It will also be an insightful evening for readers or those who simply wish find out more about occult horror.

To find out more about the event or to request tickets please visit the Twisted Tales site or email

I hope to see you there lurking within the shadows.

EDIT: I'd just like to let everybody also know that Twisted Tales also has another event at Waterstones Liverpool One the following evening.

From the site: I think the poster says it all really. It should be a really good event and we're expecting demand to be quite high with people in the Halloween spirit so don't delay getting your tickets. It will be a double celebration as it will mark our 1st anniversary of events! See you all there!

Looks like another great event to jot down in your diary. Details available once again form the Twisted Tales website at-

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Race For Life

This war began long ago, yet still I fight with comrades at my side. No thoughts of withdrawal, our thirst for victory drives us forever forward. Some try to take over, but we have dark methods for those.

We had leaders before, all denounced and rotting in the darkness now. We keep the spirits aflame with stories of lost battles. Of suffocations, chemical warfare and bayonets stabbing away life.

My comrades are weak. I’ll abandon them and swim faster, I’ll break through the walls and win this war alone.

I will be victorious.

I will impregnate.

I will be fertile.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Amongst the Birds

It was a broken gun, plastic trigger and gold painted bullets. I picked it up and pointed it at the sparrows in the garden. Bang! But the birds didn’t fall from the trees. I began to long for a tree house then. Like daddy had promised before he drowned in the Big C.

My mother told me I lived in my own little world. I watched the starlings bully away the sparrows from the steamed up kitchen window. She placed a bowl of chicken soup on the table and told me to eat up. The spoon felt like an icicle between my fingers. The blanket dropped from my shoulders onto the cold linoleum.

I watched the starlings and wondered if they could make a soup to take away my cold. Outside the road sweeper picked up the broken gun and tossed it into his cart. The soup was thick and made me sleepy. Mother picked up the candlewick blanket and wrapped me like a babe, carried me to bed and tucked me in tight. I felt imprisoned in comfort.

I didn’t dream that afternoon but floated amongst the birds and the trees. I was a diving finch darting between branches and telephone wires. Blackbirds huffed at my arrogance and whispered to the magpies that I was a young upstart. I chirped and laughed before waking. I was sweating in the darkness. The covers tangled around me, twisted like cherry Twizzlers. I fought against the cotton and won my freedom.

I wrapped up in my robe and crept out to the garden, crushing mother’s rose bushes beneath my bare feet. The thorns drew no blood. The birds were silent in the silhouette tree like a paper cut-out against the hunter’s moon. I thought about climbing and flying from the highest branch.

Mother ran through the kitchen doors screaming, dragging me down, my fingernails scraped the bark. In the morning my fever was gone. A gift at the end of my bed, unwrapped but such a beautiful sight. A brand new plastic gun with gold painted bullets. My tree house remained unbuilt.

Friday, 19 August 2011

I Second That Prediction.

My Friday Flash for last week at Lily Childs Feardom came back to me with a lovely runner up spot clenched between its hands. I'm really happy about this as I've posted on here before, the competition over there is very tough. The top spot was claimed by the beuatiufilly haunting 'Resurrection' by AJ Humpage. Who's brilliant writing blog can be found here- http://ajhumpage.blogspot./com

As usual the rules were use three chosen word, last week-


These words had to be used in a story of no more than 100 words. Most tales are dark ranging from horror, urban thrillers and poetic legends. Please pop over and read old and new stories. If you have a moment see if you too can enter the dark world of The Prediction and become a winner with words. Here's my runner up entry, an urban fairy tale thriller.


Like souls that balance joy and pain,
With tears and smiles from heaven again
The maiden Spring upon the plain
Came in a sun-lit fall of rain.
In crystal vapour everywhere.
                                        'Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere', 

                                                                 Alfred Lord Tennyson

In Crystal Vapours.

Jess looked across the water toward The Castle. As a child she’d imagined it full of princesses. Now at twenty all fantasy had been diluted. 

The Castle housing estate was a ruin of more than her dreams. A place where girls called Jessica are raped as people walk by digs turrets into the soul.

She dropped her gaze. A scry of death and chaos rippled below her. 

She opened the envelope. Suicide is painless, she thought before emptying it into the reservoir she once called The Moat.

She walked away laughing. Killing the bastards with Legionnaires' is much more fun.

Friday, 5 August 2011

I Saw Your Blog. Now I'm a Be-Liebster.

And The Liebster Blog Award Goes To...

I received a message from the wonderfully terrifying mind of Steven Chapman. It was covered in blood and still attached to a severed zombie hand. After climbing over my initial resentment like an arachnophobe escaping through cobwebbed cellar walls I took the message and read it.

Turns out it was a nice thing. He's only gone and nominated me for a blogger award called The Liebster Blog Award. It's aim is to showcase amazing bloggers who just happen to have fewer than 200 followers. Hopefully you’ll all visit the blogs I'll suggest and follow them. Because to be honest they are worth visiting on a regular basis like returning to the salad bar at Pizza Hut to fill up on  free food when your mates have eaten all the XL Vegetarian Hot One while you went to the toilet. Also I only ever give recommendations I truly believe in.

And now for the rules bit:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

I'd like to thank my mum and dad, my high school blog teacher, Father Google at Blogger Summer Camp for making me believe in myself, "Thanks father. The little fat kid finally made it whooo!"
I’d also like the thank the Big Man upstairs. That's right Big Bone Barry who lives in the flast above and let's me borrow his Wi-Fi connection.

Mostly though... "Hey can we dim the lights and have a spot over there? Cheers." I'd like to thank Steven Chapman the man who made this all possible. So thanks man. Stephen is a fantastic writer you need to check out. I know before long he'll have to veto people who join his blog because his book will attract many crazy zombies hungry for that twisted brain of his. So stop reading this waffle and jump over to his blog. No wait I have my own nominations so stick around for one more informative minute.

The nominations as chosen by the academy are as follows.."What? Oh yeah." The nominations as chosen by me who has no association with the Oscars but really feel I deserve one because my mum said I did are as follows...

Cyberschizoid Cult Entertainment Horror Blog

Home of Richard Gladman the mad genius behind The Classic Horror Campaign. You only have to take a quick look at Cyberschizoid to appreciate why the man has such passion to return classic horror back to our TV screens. His obvious love for the genre oozes from this brilliant blog. He covers it all from the films we love to the films we've never heard of, to horror magazines, conventions, screenings and anything else worth knowing.

The Queen of the darkness, twister of words and mother of mythology. Lily not only has a great blog that showcases her unique talent, as displayed in her Kindle series 'Magenta Shaman', she also runs a weekly flash fiction competition that attracts some of the darkest writers around the world in one place. Lily's blog is always a first stop for some of the best writers across the planet. 

Jodi describes her writing as, 'Omnivorous fiction favoring fable, suburban punk, pulp, horror, and bizarro.' I say she's one of the most promising voices in fiction right now. Oh and let's not forget those devilish pirates!

There's nothing he doesn't know about your classic, your new and your so bad they are brilliant horror films. His take on the industry and the history of the genre is a revelation. Check him out and boost his following.

Angel Zapata's (of Rage of Angel)  home to the strangely addictive flash format. Five sentences, five words in each and that's your story. Two issues released already and I hear a third on the way soon. So pop over, follow, enjoy and submit. This magazine is staring to attract some very prestigious writers and a cult following to boot.

So once again thanks to Steven for awarding this and for passing it on. I hope you manage to take a look at all the blogs and follow them all too. And remember being eaten by zombies, bitten by vamps, scared to death by ghosts and ridden by a hairy werewolf is very rare, so please, don't have nightmares.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sundae Girl.

"I didn’t mean it Honey." 

She tossed the gun onto the bed. A small heart shaped burn mark appeared on the cover. I looked up from the floor of the hotel room and watched her eyes playing Ping-Pong against the walls.

"Sure you didn’t. Now hand me…" I coughed up a speech bubble of blood onto the carpet at the side of my head. "Hand me the phone will’ya baby."

She looked at the smashed Nokia before flinging the hotel receiver at me like a second assault.

"Don’t be callin’ no cops you hear me." I had no doubt about her threat.

"Hello operator could you get me the," I looked up and saw her stiletto hovering an inch above my eye. "Could you get me room service?"

She smiled. Lipstick smudged like a sliced grin across her cheek. Black icicles fell from her tear stained eyes.

"I know this may sound odd but my wife is pregnant and was wandering," her smile faded, I adjusted my tone. "No she demands a giant bowl of banana jelly. Yes you’re right that is quite a normal request. Only she wants it covered with corned beef ice cream and mayonnaise."

I went to hang up the receiver before adding, "And please ask them to hurry. There’s a big tip in it."

She sat on the bed rubbing her belly with the warm gun and smiled. I couldn’t wait to be a father.

Friday, 29 July 2011

There's Snow Business Like Ghost Business.

I've had some fantastic news regarding a story of mine called 'The Weight of Snow' which has been accepted into Static Movement's 'Frozen Fear Deluxe' anthology. Editor Mark A. Crittenden has already assembled a great collection of authors for this book. Some great names like Lily Childs, Richard Godwin,  Dorothy Davies and Ken Goldman to name a few.

It looks like it'll be a great winter read full of icy stories from Arctic wastelands to snowbound ghosts.

My story 'The Weight of Snow' is a chiller inspired by those old Christmas ghost stories from M.R. James and Dickens. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the stories included and will bring more news nearer the release date.

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Place Of Wandering Thieves

As you may know when time permits I take part in a Friday Flash challenge at Lily Childs Feardom. Lily is an exquisite writer of dark and fantastic tales. Her weekly challenge is called 'Lily's Friday Prediction' and is based on three randomly chosen words that have to be contained within the hundred word limit. A lot of the writers usually expand their 100 words into short stories because the limitation really forces you to squeeze some great ideas out of your imagination.

It's a tough task and the competition seems to be tougher every week. That's due to the excellent horror and thriller writers who take part over there. It has such a great reputation that you'll always find something of quality to suit your taste every week.

Fortunately I was chosen as runner up this week with my story, 'Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry', which was a fantastic surprise as I've never come close even with some of my stronger entries (that's how high the bar is set on this challenge). When pitted against the best your best needs to be working out in the imagination gym.

Anthony paints the walls a sucking gloss that shimmers and moves, 
its shine a place of wandering thieves in Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry
-Lily Childs

I came second to a fantastic story by the brilliant writer Chris Allinotte. Check out his blog from the link.

So I'd just like to say thank you to Lily for her judging and hosting such a brilliant Friday Flash event every week. Click here for your chance to enter this week's Lily's Friday Prediction. All are welcome and you'll even receive some great feedback from other writers.

Lily Childs new Kindle series 'Magenta Shaman' is available for download at and

"Magenta Shaman is a sweeping cinematic ride from the Brighton coast to the astral planes. It's a magical story dealing with corruption, devotion and love written with such skilful prose you almost fall into a spell as you read along."

Part One is available to purchase now with Part Two heading our way soon.

Original Hush Little Baby art work by lamull.  Find it here: and his other excellent art here:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Listen...Do you want to know a secret?

I'm becoming a fan of Liam Neeson as quickly as I am losing faith in January Jones as an actor. 
I had the pleasure of watching a preview copy of Neeson's new thriller on Blu-ray to review for

I like a thriller almost as much as I like a horror film, almost but still a long way back. As a fan of Hitchcock, De Palmer, Nic Roeg and Dario Argento I like their thriller output as well as their horror fare. 

People say, and I agree, that comedy and horror are twins separated at birth. To me I think thriller is the triplet skeleton abandoned inside the womb.

Do you have any favourite thrillers or any genre cross-overs that casts shadows across the horror/thriller genre?

While you think about that why not pop over to Shadowlocked and read my review of 'Unknown'.

I hope you enjoy it and can either Tweet, Like it on Facebook , Stumble it or even comment on the page. 

Oh yeah, you can just read it and close the page too if you like.

 I mean nobody's watching you...are they?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lovecraft and the Craft of Love.

Hot on the burning heels of Hell after my review of 'From Beyond the Grave' being published by the excellent Classic Horror Campaign I now have my review of the 1967 British Horror, 'The Shuttered Room' published on the site too.

This classic British horror stars Carol Lynley, Gig Young and the ever impressive Oliver Reed. It's a tale of homecoming and why some things are best left in the past. The film is based on one of the August Derleth and H.P Lovecraft collaborations, (or Derleth using Lovecraft's iconic name and universe to flog his own stories as some believe).

So head over to the always worthwhile stop off at The Classic Horror Campaign site and check out my review for this often overlooked gem of British cinema.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Bridging Sighs.

I've had the great fortune of reviewing the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Nic Roeg's classic 1973 horror film, 'Don't Look Now' for

Shadowlocked is the first port of call for thousands of film, TV, DVD and comic fans. Their articles and reviews are some of the best on the internet and are often used by IMDB as well as other sources.
Please check out my review and add a comment if you wish, all views are welcome.

While you are there have a little look around Shadowlocked and see if there's anything in there that takes your fancy. I bet there will be. It's the kind of site that screams out to be bookmarked.

Hope you enjoy reading the review and hope you find some interesting stuff on the site too.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shout It From the Top!

Issue #2 of Angel Zapata's 5x5 Fiction, Stories Told Loud & Clear is now available by following the link below.

5x5 Fiction presents ISSUE TWO: Secrets, Scuffles and Surprises.
This issue is packed with chills, thrills and downright thought provoking stories. All written in five sentences each containing five words.

Some of the great authors are Jodi MacArthur, David Barber, AJ Brown, Erin Cole and little old me with my tale, 'Cathode Ray Smiles.' It's a story about the aftermath of a murder and the moments before a new one is about to be planned. All from the seedy setting of a cheap, blood splattered motel room.

Please pop over to the website to find a link for a free downloadable copy, or simply read from the comfort of your laptop.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

From Beyond The Grave Review.

Just a little update to tell you about a review of the Amicus horror, 'From Beyond the Grave' I wrote for the Classic Horror Campaign website.

 "From the moment the bell tolls across the twilight of Highgate cemetery we know this is going to be a creepy film..."

It's a fantastic site that's campaigning to bring back the horror double bills back to the BBC as well as promoting the classic horror films we love. So take a trip into the dark side and see what lies beyond the grave...

Please check out my review and the many others available on the site here-  'From Beyond The Grave' Review

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Balloon Technology

A long line. Pinball people crashing into each other. Brellas and smartphones. Sparks bursting off steel, sweat dripping from advertising tiles. The Tannoy crackled with broken announcements. My train was delayed. The child slapped the side of the chocolate machine. Commuters huddled out for taxis and replacement busses. 

She turned to me. "Wanna piece?” I sat on the plastic people holder and ignored her. “What line you need?”

“Central.” I said hiding from the CCTV. I stood and checked down the dark mouth of the tunnel like a Blitzkrieg dentist.

She folded the candy foil into a razor edge and sliced the Tube poster. Red ink dripped from the line map opposite the platform. The electric line sparked like suicide ghosts. 

“Mind the gap now.” I felt the cold breath of rushing wind as I fell.

Train lights strobed as the map dripped blood onto the tracks.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pimento Smile.

Pimento Smile.

Jigsaw, jigsaw under my bed
Rattling in boxes, fills me with dread
Jigsaw, jigsaw crying my name
“Piece me together, let’s play a game.”

Jigsaw, jigsaw hand reaches up
Scratches my leg, grabs at my foot.
I snap you together, corner to edge
Point at my parents, “Let’s make ‘em dead.”

Jigsaw, jigsaw capture your grin
Picture box monster, 100 piece sin
Jigsaw, jigsaw the final tile
Slices my throat. The pimento smile.

Originally posted on Lily Childs Feardom

Monday, 9 May 2011

No Ordinary Monsters.

The Work of The Classic Horror Campaign.

Remember a time when the darkness fell outside and the only source of comfort were the bright lights emitting from the Cathode Ray Tube in the corner of your living room? It may be cold, raining and brewing up storms outside those heavy curtained windows of your home on those nights, but inside it was a different matter. It was a different world. Inside, those bright television lights danced across the strangely patterned curtains chosen by your mum and dripped shadows of monsters down the walls. 

These were no ordinary monsters. These were the stuff of excitement and tradition. These were part of the fabric of your Saturday night growing up. As traditional as pyjamas after bath time and hastily arranged teenage parties when your friends parents were away a few years later. It was always a better fabric that the curtains your mum hung up anyway.

The continuity announcer would break through the futuristic stripes of the BBC2 logo and take us on a journey into the past. Sometimes as far back as a 1930’s black and white world of werewolves, vampires and ghosts. The BBC2 Midnight Movies, the double bills, the Hammer gothics and everything in-between.

This was the age of the classic horror on TV. We found films our parents, and sometimes grandparents, had watched in the cinema with their dates. A horror movie always ensured the girl would hold you tight. Just like you did to that poor teddy bear as you huddled up on the sofa, or a cushion if you were a little older and wanted to maintain a sense of cool.

We were treated to everything from portmanteau Amicus films to RKO classics. A short break between films or a less convincing Amicus or Hammer section of an anthology gave you the chance to pop to the toilet if somebody would volunteer to stand at the bottom of the stairs.

I know you may look at your harddrive or DVD collection and think you can watch these any time you want now. But cast your mind back to those golden days when you made a date with a sofa and a cushion to cling to. Wouldn’t you love that all over again? Wouldn’t you love to hear the announcer whisper details of the next scary instalment? What a great chance to go back in time for a few wonderful hours. What a chance to show those who were too young or not even born what delights television once gave us before the proliferation of mediocre shows over hundreds of channels.

All you need is one channel, one time, one night. Simple and magical. So help bring back the classic horror films to the BBC. You can do that by signing this petition or find out more details on This is the brilliant site that helps promote the campaign and is run by Richard Gladman and Amanda Norman. The campaign was set up by Richard who was later joined by Amanda to bring those supernatural nights back to our living rooms. Their work on this cause is tireless and breathtaking. They strive to do this not only for themselves but for all horror fans out there. The site gives more details on how you can help and is home to reviews of classic films to remind you, show you and bring back that feeling you thought you had lost forever...Classic Horror Film Night.

Paws: The Revenge.