Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Rubik's Roach

I’d been awake for six days trying to outsmart them. Food was moving across the floor and the patterns of the wallpaper shifted in swirls. I was no longer a man, no longer a human in this sleep deprived state. I looked up through dry eyes that blinked once and scratched at my corneas. I saw a weakness and took my move at last.

I turned the corner and saw the cockroach perched on the other side. Motionless for a moment before it scurried. Its legs twisted the cube frantically in every direction. Only then did I realise I’d waged war with a Rubik’s Roach and it had a point to prove. I had tackled this plastic puzzle for days, never coming close to solving it. Now, this hideous insect skipped across it like Travolta on a multi-coloured dance floor.

Six perfectly coloured sides. The puzzle was solved. The pest dropped and vanished into the wall. I collected every Roach Motel and destroyed them. The cockroaches had a new champion. I was well beaten and succumbed to the insect reign.  I waited in the darkness for them to emerge so I could greet them, serve them, for I was now their biggest fan. My eyes closed as I felt the first scratch of legs slice the lips of my cracked smile as they examined their trophy. Soon sleep will devour me and so too will these champions.

And soon they will outsmart us all. 


  1. Awesome flash, Tony. I am partial to a bit of insesct fiction :) I love the image of the cockroack solving the Rubik's Cube.

  2. Thanks Steven. I don't know why, maybe some mad therapy, but I keep writing these little insect and spider stories even though they creep me out.

    Glad you liked it, cheers,


  3. I hate these wily beasts. They are aliens - I am in no doubt whatsoever.

    I once turned over a table at a restaurant in Bordeaux when a friggin' enormous one climbed into my shoe - yes - into my shoe! Screamed my head off.

    Then on another occasion at The Piano Hotel in Samos (now closed down) I pulled a towel from the hook after a shower and a huge red/black bastard ran down my wet body. More screaming plus me collapsing into the bath with the f*cker running up and down me. Hubby came to the rescue - and the thing couldn't be stamped on, even with hubby's DMs. He eventually caught it and threw it out the window - even three floors up we heard it hit the ground, and saw it run off.


  4. This was fantastic. Liked the immediancy of it. With flash there is no room for messing about and you write it well.

    P.S Removed initial post as I seemed to have lost the ability to spell words correctly. Bit of a bad habit for a writer.


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