Thursday, 17 February 2011

Unanswered Echoes

Great news- I have a new short story published at Spook City titled, 'Unanswered Echoes'.

It's a tale that explores what lays waiting in the shadows when we have to face the past. Some say skeletons are hidden in the cupboards, but in 'Unanswered Echoes' it is ghosts.

Please stop by at Spook City and read the story if you have the chance. While you're there why not check out some of the other great supernatural fiction and poetry on the site. I highly recommend it...well maybe not just before bed time.


  1. Dear T, I'm off to Spook City on a weekend pass - I'll be investigating your Unanswered Echoes to find out what is really LYING in wait ...

  2. Hi thanks Ceka and thanks for the comments on the site. Really appreciated.


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