Friday, 25 March 2011

My Wet Infection

silver ripple escaped from the stream and crawled along the mossy bank. It snapped through brambles exploding berries like broken hearts. Inside a fox chased by dogs tangled amongst the thorns in surrender. The wave flowed by without grief. 

It pushed my sin along the middle of bubbling tarmac, dropping like tears in the cat’s eyes between the broken white lines. My verdict diluted into reservoirs and rattled pipes under homes. The wet rust smelling like an open vein.

I watched her blood continue thinning, skin flaking and organs decaying. Soon children will drink my crime. She’ll swirl in babies bottles. Every pair of lips will taste my confession. 

She’s my wet infection.

Original version published at Lily Childs Feradom.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fresh From the Press- New Poem Published Today!

I'm really excited about this news. 

My first published poem is up and ready to read on Every Day Poets today. 

I guess it's a slight departure from my usual content though the poem does deal with some familiar themes I've explored previously in fiction and poetry .

If you could spare a moment to pop over to have a read and maybe leave a rating I'd be extremely grateful. If you find you have a couple of spare moments why not leave a comment below the poem.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Domestic Goddess

She brought out a pot of steaming coffee and began to pour. It instantly thawed the plain clothes snowman opposite. The detective found the sofa too angular to be comfortable, but the apartment was warm and the coffee was good.

‘I’m sorry to bring such terrible news Mrs Carver.’

‘A slice of pie?’ A single eyebrow arched above her cold blue eyes. It reminded him of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

‘Awful way to go, chopped up and thrown in the trash. No dignity in that’ No river flowed in her eyes, not even a single tear hung there. ‘At least it’s over now.’ 

'They say you end your life as you lived it detective.' He sensed a think dark line in her tone and it worried him.

He started to gag. ‘Mrs Carver is there pork in this pie?’ She nodded with distain, as if he were a child complaining the rain was wet. ‘I thought you realised I’m Jewish.’

She handed him a napkin. He spat out a flap of half burnt flesh. A halo of dark grease spread across the white cotton. 

‘There wasn’t much of that dirty pig worth keeping. You should be happy I gave him a circumcision Detective.’ He nearly threw up as he reached for the cuffs. He fumbled, dropping them onto the freshly shampooed carpet. His eyes followed the line of her stockinged legs as she stood. He remained down there on all fours like a dog. 

'Like a pig' the idea whispered inside his mind.

‘Never mind I've a hot pie in the oven, let me fetch you a fresh piece' She picked up the knife and walked out to the kitchen.

No not an ounce of remorse he thought as he watched her glide from the room. But she was dripping with dignity.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Authors For Japan-Can You Help?

I doubt there is a person with access to news on this planet that hasn't been shocked and stunned by the devastating events in Japan last week. I don't need to list what has happened and is continuing to happen there as we all know and need little reminder. If like me you feel lost about how to help or show support to those affected there is a unique opportunity to do just that.

A scheme has been set up called 'Authors For Japan'. It is an auction of money-can't-buy experiences and products by some of the best writers working today. There's everything from signed books, to writing coaching to even having a walk on part in a novel.

As you can see this is a great chance to help those who we witnessed  losing so much so quickly in Japan.

Please visit the site, I've provided a link below, and place a bid if you can. 

Authors For Japan

Authors For Japan-Find out more.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

5x5 Fiction Presents: Murder, Monsters & Misfortune.

Thanks to Angel Zapata's hard work and extraordinary determination the first edition of '5x5 Fiction Stories Told Loud and Clear' is finally available. It's a unique e-zine based on Angel's idea of having stories made up from five sentences each containing five words. It's flash fiction for the age of sudoku.

I'm delighted to say one of my pieces has been accepted and published in the first issue. It's a creepy little tale that may give you a great excuse not to do the washing this week. It's called 'Utility' and I hope you enjoy it as well as all the other tales on offer by some great writers.

The theme and title for the first issue is 'Murders, Monster and Misfortunes.' All the stories inside certainly have one or more of those going for them and do so in the restraints of only twenty five words. Something that is astonishing when you realise how much can be said by a gifted writer in so few words. 'New Year’s Eve' By Michael J. Solender is the featured story and it kicks us straight into the pace of these tales perfectly.

Other notable pieces are 'Bonemeal' By Simon Kewin, the quick switching, 'Fresh Bait' By Erin Cole, the sharp 'Weeding Out the Gene Pool' By Laura Eno, a couple of brilliantly written pieces by Chris Allinotte and the Big Society neighbourhood reminder, 'Community Indictment' By William Davoll . I didn't read a single one of these or any of the other pieces without a smile or a shudder.

So pop along here and download your own copy for free. Hey and while you're at it why not write one of your own and submit for the next edition. Though make those words count as Angel is a devil when it comes to the quality of work he'll accept.

"5x5 Fiction Issue #1: Murder, Monsters & Misfortune."

Paws: The Revenge.