Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ask Me Anything- Interview With Shells Walter About My Writing.

I'd like to post a small link to a great site that has given me the opportunity to talk about my writing. Shells Walter took the time and a lot of patience to ask me a few questions to which I blabbered on so much she probably thought the horror was my voice.

It was so nice to be able to express my thoughts about why I write and what I write. Shells also has a great list of interviews from some of the best and some up and coming authors on the site too. I know I'm the least well known but we all have to make a start some place I guess and I can't thank Shells enough for the chance to have my voice heard.

The interview can be found here-Interview with author Anthony Cowin

Shells also has a great blog you can follow here-

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on this and the Walter Rhein site if you have the time, thank you, Tony.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Is The Zombie Express Kids Menu Patronising?

I don’t mind taking my undead kids to the local fast food joint as a treat now and again. Being a zombie single parent is difficult (okay I ate my wife, I’ll hold my hand up to that. Well I’ll hold her hand up anyway as I carry it in my pocket all the time). With my busy schedule of gurgling, scraping my foot along the gravel and generally looking for brains it’s difficult to find time to prepare a healthy bloody and bitten organ home cooked meal.
All I ask is that these zombie fast food ‘eateries’ shouldn't treat us as brainless. I for one have many brains, all stocked up in my freezer ready to devour any time I can’t hunt down and rip a fresh one from a living person’s skull.

Look at this menu they presented to my little zombie daughter-

Kids menu or flag of ignorance?

No words, no prices, no ingredients, no descriptions and certainly no dignity. It even comes on a laminated card. Okay that was useful to wipe away my daughter’s blood tinted drool as she grunted over the choices. So please Zombie Express and all other undead food outlets, don’t treat us as idiots.
Otherwise we’ll come and eat your family!

Paws: The Revenge.