Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ask Me Anything- Interview With Shells Walter About My Writing.

I'd like to post a small link to a great site that has given me the opportunity to talk about my writing. Shells Walter took the time and a lot of patience to ask me a few questions to which I blabbered on so much she probably thought the horror was my voice.

It was so nice to be able to express my thoughts about why I write and what I write. Shells also has a great list of interviews from some of the best and some up and coming authors on the site too. I know I'm the least well known but we all have to make a start some place I guess and I can't thank Shells enough for the chance to have my voice heard.

The interview can be found here-Interview with author Anthony Cowin

Shells also has a great blog you can follow here-

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on this and the Walter Rhein site if you have the time, thank you, Tony.

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