Friday, 19 August 2011

I Second That Prediction.

My Friday Flash for last week at Lily Childs Feardom came back to me with a lovely runner up spot clenched between its hands. I'm really happy about this as I've posted on here before, the competition over there is very tough. The top spot was claimed by the beuatiufilly haunting 'Resurrection' by AJ Humpage. Who's brilliant writing blog can be found here- http://ajhumpage.blogspot./com

As usual the rules were use three chosen word, last week-


These words had to be used in a story of no more than 100 words. Most tales are dark ranging from horror, urban thrillers and poetic legends. Please pop over and read old and new stories. If you have a moment see if you too can enter the dark world of The Prediction and become a winner with words. Here's my runner up entry, an urban fairy tale thriller.


Like souls that balance joy and pain,
With tears and smiles from heaven again
The maiden Spring upon the plain
Came in a sun-lit fall of rain.
In crystal vapour everywhere.
                                        'Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere', 

                                                                 Alfred Lord Tennyson

In Crystal Vapours.

Jess looked across the water toward The Castle. As a child she’d imagined it full of princesses. Now at twenty all fantasy had been diluted. 

The Castle housing estate was a ruin of more than her dreams. A place where girls called Jessica are raped as people walk by digs turrets into the soul.

She dropped her gaze. A scry of death and chaos rippled below her. 

She opened the envelope. Suicide is painless, she thought before emptying it into the reservoir she once called The Moat.

She walked away laughing. Killing the bastards with Legionnaires' is much more fun.


  1. Beautiful.

    And here's my ignorance - I didn't know your title came from Tennyson; I horribly thought of crystal meth rather than crystal myth - before I read your story.

    Thank you, dearest, for the pimp.

  2. Lily I wanted something that represented grief, beauty, castles fairy tales and reality of the horrors of life. Also something that gave a hint of the spread of crystals or at least diluted grains. It just seemed to fit perfectly.

    I'd not even thought of the meth thing. I only repost stories on here I'll leave as and will never expand into longer pieces. I'm glad to share here because I know all the work is done. But now with that it's given a new slant of some dystopian drug fuelled estate that is rescued by reversing the crystals through legend.

    SO thanks for the idea and damn you for giving me something else to write lol.

    Always glad to rock people over to your place. They should all be there.

  3. Yipe, talk about justice! Despite the collateral damage, I can sympathize.

  4. It would be a lot of collateral damage. In my mind the place was full to the brim with either those who are brutal or those who let brutality happen. It's also isolated so nobody but those would die. Saying that there are never perfect revenge stories so there would be innocents dying.

    Thanks FF, the more I think about it the more I'm seeing a longer story here.


Paws: The Revenge.