Sunday, 28 August 2011

Race For Life

This war began long ago, yet still I fight with comrades at my side. No thoughts of withdrawal, our thirst for victory drives us forever forward. Some try to take over, but we have dark methods for those.

We had leaders before, all denounced and rotting in the darkness now. We keep the spirits aflame with stories of lost battles. Of suffocations, chemical warfare and bayonets stabbing away life.

My comrades are weak. I’ll abandon them and swim faster, I’ll break through the walls and win this war alone.

I will be victorious.

I will impregnate.

I will be fertile.


  1. Heh, why am I thinking about that scene in Look Who's Talking? "Yee-haw!" "Follow me, I've got a map!" "Jackpot!"

  2. Ha brilliant yeah. There's a whole different universe going on inside us.

  3. Heh, clever. =)

    Don't forget the latex mass graves...

  4. Thanks John. That idea of the latex graves is really creepy. Damn wish I'd have thought of it.

  5. And some sperm put down their weapons en masse... :D

    Nice one, I laughed.


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