Friday, 7 October 2011

Pig Tales.

I'm excited to report that my #fridayflash entry 'Because You're Worthlesshas taken first place at Lily Childs Feardom. I've been runner up a couple of times and felt extremely privileged then, so you can imagine my excitement at taking the top spot now.

This news carries such prestige for me personally because of the reputation the competition has and the brilliant array of talent that participate. Not to mention that it’s judged by the highly regarded horror writer Lily Childs. So I’d like to say thank you to Lily and to all the writers of dark fiction who contribute every week.

I’d also like to offer congratulations to Laurita Miller for taking the runner up spot with her unnerving Poesque tale ‘Cask’.

Pig Man © Ross Robinson   Pig Man Image by the brilliant artist Ross Robinson. For sales, information and merchandise please click here- 


  1. Congratulations Tony. It won, because you're worth it ;-) (snigger). Seriously - excellent story; I loved it.

    And thank you too for your kind words.

  2. Ha love that post Lily and thanks once again.


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