Monday, 23 January 2012

The Secret Serpent

At sunset’s fall I held no blame
‘Til darkness stole from golden flame
She sat alone on riverbank dew
Where shadows cloaked my cold pursuit

A blade of grass, a blade of steel
Treading one and one revealed
Tears fell like fetid rain on,
her blood, her skin. My darkened shame

Her eyes revealed through moonlight mask,
Evacuee of Eden, as tall as masts
She rose.
She laughed.

Ruby mouth dripped with secret musk
Adam’s fruit bulged and thrust
My silver point, my flesh torn
My heart cut out, beat in her palm
Eve’s twilight trick, she’s a man reborn.

Originally published on Lily Childs Feardom.


  1. Nice imagery. It's hard to say what I like more, dick jokes or sexual metaphors, but I guess they're all part of the same family : )

  2. LOL yeah I guess it is all the same when it comes down to it.

    Thanks for the comment Vincent and your continued support. Always love to read what you have to say.



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