Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Track Never Ending.

I saw a girl with mirrors for eyes and a piano smile
Wipe rust from her shoulders under overhead railways
She waved the men home from continents of corrosion.
A full throttle welcome for boys, salty and serving
Stockings at her ankles before the streetlights got warm
A winter of waiting she’s fully deserving.

Piss aromas in tenement stairwells crawl
Corporation rent books stuffed in sofas
Hide behind them when the Tallyman calls.
Musty washing hangs over cracked tubs where,
Silverfish dance in that mildew tango.
A dance for the dockers, she plays their tune
Guinness, guitars and nylon rubs.
A crucifixion peers down at her, she suffers its wounds
She bleeds with its blood.

If Jesus were a docker he’d sail out in the morning
No prayers, no kiss, absent without warning
Gin is the remedy and knitting without wool
The silverfish take the gentlemen’s excuse me
She no longer feels full.
She’s the unsung words to the over sung song.


  1. I realy like this
    You have a way with words
    Thanks for sharing it

  2. If Jesus were a docker he’d sail out in the morning
    No prayers, no kiss, absent without warning

    Love the rhythm here and the bleakness. Your economy with words always makes things THAT much sharper. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you so much Vincent and Fiona. This is really a work in progress that I couldn't progress with. Vincent the line you mentioned is the only line I truly love in the poem. Great minds think alike hey :)

    I read about prostitutes in Liverpool on 'The Track' (their own street to walk) and felt how they were also victims of WW2 but never mentioned. Don't think I've done them too much justice here but I'll probably use her in a story and flesh it out.

    Thanks again for the comments and kind words.


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