Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lessons From The King

I've always been a big fan of Stephen King. So when he released a How-to book for writers at the start of the millennium I rushed out to buy it. Only it wasn't a How-To book at all. It was more a How-I-Do-It book with a memoir to boot.

At first I was a little disappointed at the casual almost conversational approach to 'On Writing'. Where were all the bullet list, the Dos and Don'ts block texts? It did't take me long to realise I was gaining more from this book from the shelfful of typical 'pointing finger do it this way or don't bother writing' books I had previously bought.

Many writers use this book as their Bible, even many none genre writers such is the insight to the craft. So here's a little infographic I found on the internet that has silted away some nuggets worth shining for your own writing life.

13 Lessons Learned From On Writing by Stephen King

Print it, pin it above your desk, tape it to your notebook or use it as your background wallpaper. Hell even wallpaper your bedroom with it if you want. Or read it and let it sink in. Either way I'm sure you'll find something worth taking from the King of Horror.

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