Monday, 18 March 2013

Another Notch In The Belt.

Lily Childs Prediction has nested in two new internet trees since she let it fly free. I was lucky enough to win there a couple of times and once at Phil Ambler’s place. Last week I decided to pay a visit to Colleen Foley’s new site and I'm glad I did. My drabble titled ‘The Karmic Wheel’ took the top spot.

Decanted, notch and straddle were the words provided to include in the 100 word story. An image of a new belt notch being dug into leather popped into my head. The tale of desperation grew from there.

I've entered a few of these challenges in the past and while the stories often remain as hundred word vignettes, a couple have grown into full length stories. Even when they are abandoned the exercise always wrenches open the idea gates inside my head. For that alone I value them as a worthwhile challenge.

Here's my hundred word winning entry. 

The Karmic Wheel

Alfie stabbed another notch in his belt with the corkscrew. He was losing weight faster than a supermodel passing the Hall of Mirrors.

He tossed a bundle of oily notes at the dwarf and straddled the Ferris car. Ten languid turns before screaming girls and brave boyfriends ran dancing to the calliope.

He climbed out of the wheel at the top, threw up his belt and pulled it around his neck. One more spin for luck. His life decanted in turns; violence, drinking, unfaithfulness, losing his son.

Then the cancer.

What goes around comes around. Alfie reckoned that was fair.


  1. Punchy, heavy and clever with the looping, 'circular' theme to his life and its end.

  2. Hard hitting, Anthony, and very well written. Maybe one that could be turned into a longer piece - a "slice-of-life" piece, maybe??

    I love The Predictions as and when I can take part. It's more than useful as a writing challenge and exercise to get the juices flowing. Highly recommended.

    Well done, my friend.

  3. It's good, Anthony!

  4. Enjoyed muchly, Anthony! :)


  5. Thanks everybody. I do a similar thing as a warm up now. It's actually a twist on something I stole from Ray Bradbury's book 'Zen in the Art of Writing'. I collect words with a colour I love, phrases that catch the eye or a combination of both. I use them in a short piece and it really moves my mind along the creative path.

    Drabbles and short flash are excellent for this. They can spark character studies or create vignettes that can be explored deeper as David suggests.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  6. This was definitely a haunting piece Anthony, and I can vouch for the benefit of writing for the Predction - tightens one's words up superbly. Hope to see you writing there regularly.


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