Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Nasty Snips Project from Pendragon Press

Pendragon Press are a great independent publisher. I love the dedication to the work they produce. That dedication is evident in the quality of books they release, the writers they have published and the sublime artwork of their covers.

So I was thrilled when Pendragon owner Christopher Teague asked me to write a theme for a book trailer for the upcoming anthology, The Nasty Snips Project. This was an ideal request for a horror fan and musician. I spent some time working out exactly what to do. After I sent a piece to Chris with a few examples he pointed out what he liked, disliked and the route I should take. This advice, with the inspiration of the brilliant cover by Neil Williams, and my own love of soundtracks took me on a very experimental musical journey.

Each time I thought I had it nailed I felt something was missing. I cut bits, removed instruments, added new instruments, layered sampled sounds and messed about. It was great fun

Eventually settling on a part from the original example theme, adding guitars, strings and some crazy analogue synthesisers and manipulating samples of somebody saying 'nasty' I hit the right notes. Oh accidental pun. Anyway here's the finished trailer. Be sure to buy the book and share this as much as you like. :)

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