Sunday, 5 July 2015

Science-fiction and horror – the perfect blend?

A guest post from Alex Davis.

I've been wondering a great deal to myself lately about the correlation between SF and horror, which I think is in part due to having an SF book out but still actively writing horror 'on the side' of that main trilogy. I'm a big fan of both genres, although I would have to say that SF is done well far more often that horror is on the big screen. Finding a good SF film isn't a terribly rare occurrence, but finding a truly great horror film can be truly hard work. However one of the things that particularly floats my boat are those occasions where SF and horror combine, which is a genre blend for me that simply doesn't get done enough. So here's my top five examples of the subgenre...

1)      Event Horizon. For me, personally, the daddy of them all. Fantastic performances, claustrophobic atmosphere and brilliant use of any number of horror tropes and some you don't tend to see as well. Genuinely twisted in places, and Sam Neill is on absolutely leading form here.

2)      Alien. Yes, it is extremely good, and probably the obvious starting point for the genre. HR Giger's brilliant creations and some stunning good use of sound and visuals make this film genuinely edge of your seat stuff, and for me, a far superior film to the gung-ho action of the often-preferred Aliens. It's become so iconic with good reason.

3)      Splice. For me personally this is a very under-rated movie, and stars a genuinely great actor in the shape of Adrien Brody. Looking at the dangers of genetic engineering, this film has a very strange and unsettling quality to it and a really human story at its heart. Well worth a look.

4)      Existenz. By one of my favourite directors, David Cronenberg, this is another film that kind of went by without getting the credit it deserved. With echoes of Videodrome, this dark movie exploring the lines between reality and gaming, and features fine central performances all round.

5)      Pandorum. Probably the darkest film on the list, this deep-space nightmare is a mind-bending tale of horror with elements of both the monster movie and psychological horror. A bit messy in places, but this one has a wonderful finale that really lifts this one for me.

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  1. Alien and Aliens are undoubtedly the pinnacle of sci-fi horror available today. I can't think of any that come close to the same quality. I am biased though, Aliens is my all time favorite movie of any genera, so take my glowing review with a grain of salt...


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